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Potosi Foundation

Potosi, WI




About Potosi Foundation

The mission of the Potosi Foundation is to channel its profits into the market it serves in support of historic and education-based initiatives, as well as charitable causes.

Formed in 2000, the original intent of the foundation was to save a historic structure in a small community. But today, the Potosi Foundation is a national tourist destination and has saved a building on the National Registry of Historic Places, spurred other development in the area, and provided a depository for preserving and displaying the history of an industry.

What would Potosi Foundation do with $25,000?

The foundation houses a transportation museum and interpretive center for the Great River Road, a restaurant and gift shop, and is the home of the National Brewery Museumâ„¢ and Research Library. The grant would be used to repair fallen embankments, establish a rain garden in the runoff pond and incorporate native plants into the existing landscape–preventing further soil erosion from the bluff located directly behind the historical Potosi Brewery Company. The grant would also be used to provide a permanent three-season awning to shade the outdoor seating area and the outdoor stage area.

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