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Woodland Hospice

Mt. Pleasant, MI




About Woodland Hospice

Woodland Hospice provides comfort, dignity and peace of mind by providing physical, emotional and spiritual care for families facing the terminal illness of a loved one. Hospice emphasizes comfort rather than cures, so patients and their families may live their remaining time together to the fullest and according to their wishes.

What would Woodland Hospice do with $25,000?

The grant would help Woodland Hospice to continue to provide care and compassion for families and terminally ill patients. This includes bereavement counseling for clients, family members and caregivers for 13 months after the death of a loved one. These services are not paid for by any type of insurance policy, nor are the clients billed. Therefore, fundraising is necessary to provide for certified counselors to serve those who are grieving.

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Mt. Pleasant, MI

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