Kansas City Branch Office

1930s and ’40s: Entrance into Kansas and Missouri
In 1927, EMC entered Kansas by contracting with the State General Agency, located in McPherson and operated under Farmer Alliance Insurance Company’s ownership. By 1933, when the relationship with State General Agency had proven not to be profitable, the relationship was terminated, and EMC President John A. Gunn sent M.J. Wilkinson to McPherson to open branch operations and promote business.

The Kansas City Claims Office opened in 1946 to service the George Eric Williamson General Agency, Bernard Thompson Agency and Western General. Within two years, the St. Louis Claims Office opened to supplement their agency operations.

1950s: New Territories and Offices
During a period of expansion between 1957 and 1959, two more Missouri offices opened: Springfield and Jefferson City. The Little Rock Claims Office was established shortly thereafter to handle claims from Lewis and Norwood General Agency.

1960s and ’70s: Movement and Change for Kansas City
The Kansas City Branch was officially organized in 1962 to bring together Missouri operations. In 1968, the St. Louis business was moved from the Home Office to Kansas City, and a St. Louis Claims Office opened in 1969.

2011: Strength, Stability, Service
Today, the Kansas City Branch has approximately 62 employees working under Resident Vice President Ben DeHart. The branch serves 146 agencies, and the book of business is 87 percent commercial lines and 13 percent personal lines. The branch’s written premium for 2010 was more than $50 million.