Jackson Branch Office

1966: From Agency to Branch
EMC began doing business in Mississippi in 1935 through Southern Underwriters, a general agency that was founded in 1929. EMC became Southern Underwriters’ main carrier and opened a claims office in Jackson in 1946 to service the agency. On July 1, 1966, EMC purchased the agency and combined it with the claims office to create the Jackson Branch, the company’s first fully-staffed branch office in the South.

1968: Expanding Business
The Jackson Branch was somewhat unique in providing reinsurance as part of its book of business. Southern Underwriters had handled the fire business of Millers Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Harrisburg, Pa., and the new branch reinsured that business. Then, in 1968, EMC purchased Union Mutual Insurance Company of Providence, R.I., and the Jackson Branch reinsured their Mississippi fire business. This purchase also expanded the branch’s territory by transferring Union Mutual’s Tennessee business to Jackson.

2011: Strength, Stability, Service
Today, the Jackson Branch has approximately 35 employees working under Branch Manager Frankie Box. They serve 108 agencies, and their book of business is 100 percent commercial lines. The branch’s written premium for 2010 was approximately $33.7 million.