Charlotte Branch Office

1943: Agency Roots
The Charlotte Branch originally began as a general agency, Kelleher & Associates, Inc., created to act between agents and strong, small specialty companies. In 1943, the agency staffed three people, and EMC was the first company with which it started a business relationship. The agency’s loyalty produced profitable business, and a high level of mutual respect developed between the two organizations. Although most of Kelleher’s agents were in North Carolina, the agency also wrote South Carolina Auto Club business for EMC for a time.

1945: The Partnership Grows
Two years after Kelleher opened, EMC sent one of its adjusters to Charlotte to open a claims office and serve as supervisor. The claims office was housed with Kelleher & Associates. In the early 1950s as more services were needed, accident prevention and premium audit departments were added within the agency.

1972: Acquired by EMC
In 1972, EMC purchased Kelleher & Associates, Inc. and continued operating under their name with original owner Don Kelleher as manager until he retired in 1975. The agency was then converted into a fully decentralized branch. Former Kelleher underwriter and field supervisor Robert N. Holden became the first branch manager.

2011: Strength, Stability, Service
Today, the Charlotte Branch has approximately 84 employees working under Branch Manager  Lonnie Schwab. They serve 249 agencies, and their book of business is 100 percent commercial lines. The branch’s written premium for 2010 was approximately $88 million.