Birmingham Branch Office

1953: The Beginning of American Liberty Insurance Company
The American Liberty Insurance Company was incorporated in Birmingham in 1953. By 1968, it had been acquired by the Statesmen Group, Inc of Des Moines, Iowa, with Robert “Bob” Stewart remaining as the president and CEO.

1982: Joining the Forces of EMC
In 1982, EMC purchased 99.97 percent of American Liberty Insurance Company stock for $13 million. Thereafter, the company was officially recognized as an EMC subsidiary. Many of the same personnel were retained at the time of the purchase, and it became known in-house as the Birmingham Branch. Larger changes were made in 1983, when all policies were converted to EMC systems.

1990s: Territory Swaps and a Name Change
During a 1994 territory swap, the Birmingham Branch took over Tennessee from the Jackson Branch in exchange for Louisiana. The branch re-domesticated in Iowa by 1996, and officially changed its name to EMC Property & Casualty Company in 1999.

The Birmingham Branch Today
When EMC first established the Birmingham Branch, it wrote about $18 million in premium. Today, the branch services Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee and employs 56 people. In cooperation with its 143 agencies, the branch writes approximately $38.7 million in premium, of which 78 percent is commercial lines and 22 percent is personal lines.