Bruce Kelley

President: 1991-Present

Bruce G. Kelley, Robb Kelley’s son and John A. Gunn’s great grandson, graduated from Dartmouth in 1976 and received a J.D. from the University of Iowa Law School in 1979. He joined the Des Moines, Iowa, law firm of Bradshaw, Fowler, Proctor, and Fairgrave, where EMC General Counsel William Z. Proctor practiced. While at Bradshaw, he handled EMCC accounts. In 1981, as Proctor was moving toward retirement, Kelley accepted a new position—assistant general counsel for EMC, EMCASCO, and Employers Modern Life. In 1982, he was promoted to associate general counsel, and in 1984 he was named to the boards of all three companies as well as the Providence and Bismarck Branch offices. In 1985, he was named EMCC’s first in-house General Counsel, as well as Vice President of EMCC, EMCASCO, Employers Modern Life, and EMC Reinsurance Company. These moves gave him a broad overview of company operations.

Kelley’s next promotion to Executive Vice President in 1989 was part of what then President George Kochheiser called “a broadening of the responsibilities shared by our executive staff.” Kelley was placed in charge of developing and managing annual marketing and expense projection plans, planning and coordinating the Annual Branch Managers Conference, branch staffing and agency marketing matters. In 1991, Kelley succeeded Kochheiser as President and COO, several days before his 37th birthday. The next year, when his father, Robb, retired as chief executive officer, Bruce assumed that title also. His philosophy has been to maintain a steady course and retain the strong ethics and stability of the company.