The New 19-story Home Office Building

On Sunday, April 20, a ribbon-cutting ceremony to open the building was led by President Bruce Kelley with Governor Terry Branstad, Board Chairman L. Robert Bolton, and representatives from the architectural firm, Brooks Borg & Skiles, and the construction firms, Neumann Brothers, Inc., of Des Moines and Kiewit Construction Company of Omaha in attendance.

Absolut’ly Attractive
The 19-story building commanded local and national media attention. It was voted the best addition to Des Moines by the Des Moines Business Record, and a Wall Street Journal article described it as one of the progressive elements that dispelled Des Moines’ “cow town” reputation. Another Wall Street Journal article was written about the Absolut vodka bottle image on the south side of the building. An Absolut advertising agency representative suggested the architect had “some mental relationship with Absolut,” but architects Brooks Borg & Skiles representatives offered different opinions. One said, “It would be great publicity for our city. It’s great vodka and a great building.” Another countered with, “I’m sure EMC, being a casualty insurer, probably would just as soon not have the publicity.”